I love cowkids

Why cowkids? A sales rep asked me about my business name the other day posing the question “Do you love cows? Or do you love kids?” Hmm, I quickly replied…”I love cows AND I love kids.” And I love their way of life.

I love cowboys. I love cowgirls. I love horses and cattle and rodeos and farms. I love the western way of life. I love the smell of a horse barn. I love watching farmers at harvest time. I love the atmosphere of a county fair beef show. I love watching children interact with livestock. Their simplicity and innocence captivate me.

And it’s a good thing.


  1. Debby Jackson says:

    Oh for the simple days of childhood ! Feeding the animals day dreaming on your back in the pasture with God’s artwork above you head . Nothing smells better then a horse . The dog shoving your had to pet him as you drift off into thought . The sun gently warming your face . I guess we were a little poor but I did not have time to notice . I felt rich !!! Endless hours in the hayloft gaurding imaginary kingdoms . I loved it all and would be proud to inspire others with my memories . Debby (Pilcher) Jackson .

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