Forever sisters, forever friends

Well, what can I say?  These two sisters were soooo much fun to shoot.  Granted, at home, they may actually want to “shoot” each other but while taking their pictures, I couldn’t help but think about the lifelong bond they will have with each other.  They’ve shared many memories I’m sure, as childhood playmates, school days together, and squabbles over clothes, the phone, the TV, etc.

As they’ve matured, I think about all the other memories they probably have (but do not yet appreciate I’m sure):  prom dress shopping trips, driving each other to school, late-night talks about boyfriends, bickering about their parents, visiting each other at college, etc.  The future is not far away.  Soon it will be endless conversations about wedding preparations, new homes, baby registries, and play dates for their own children.  I hope when they look at their photos from this day, they will recall that they are forever sisters, forever friends.