A girl and her horse.  Just as people think of “a boy and his dog”, I look at this photo and think of “a girl and her horse”.  Has there ever been a young girl that doesn’t love horses?  Some lucky few, grow up with horses readily available to them.  Others are content to pretend their stick horse is real.  Or they dive into every book they can get their hands on about the beloved equines.  Or they collect and play with model horses.  Or draw pictures of them.  For the fortunate who have access to horses, it is a dream come true.  Whereas many view the tedious tasks of keeping a horse as grueling work, a girl takes pleasure in the grooming, mucking stalls, and the feedings.  The girl considers it an honor.  Just being near a horse and breathing in the sweet smell of them is a wonderful opportunity.  And while adults and trainers may have a horse with a vice, the girl can take the same horse and walk him down the aisle, whispering sweet-nothings, and the horse becomes a gentle, obedient giant at the end of the lead.