I love cowkids

Why cowkids? A sales rep asked me about my business name the other day posing the question “Do you love cows? Or do you love kids?” Hmm, I quickly replied…”I love cows AND I love kids.” And I love their way of life.

I love cowboys. I love cowgirls. I love horses and cattle and rodeos and farms. I love the western way of life. I love the smell of a horse barn. I love watching farmers at harvest time. I love the atmosphere of a county fair beef show. I love watching children interact with livestock. Their simplicity and innocence captivate me.

And it’s a good thing.

Definition of Cowboy

Definition of cowboy:  A condensed version of my thoughts.  I think the word “cowboy” means different things to different people which vary from the icons of the Old West to modern day rodeo cowboys, from the large scale cattle ranchers to the small scale cow/calf operations, and anywhere in between.  My thoughts are a little mix of all of it I guess.  To me, a cowboy is a “real” man; a gentleman.  He holds open doors for ladies.  He takes off his hat at the supper table.  He has polite manners and language.
A cowboy respects his parents, the elderly, and all of nature.  He is dependable, kind-hearted, and willing to help anyone in need.  A cowboy has callaused hands but a gentle touch.  A cowboy has a firm handshake and looks people in the eyes when he speaks to them.  A cowboy knows horses and/or cattle and a good dog and he never treats them unkindly.  A cowboy is true to his word.  His word is his contract.  He is faithful to his family.  He is honest in his dealings and never cheats.  A cowboy tends to his livestock first before sitting down himself to eat.  A cowboy loves and cherishes and protects his mate.  He does not rely on The Weather Channel as he is so in tune with nature.  He can read the skies and his livestock because he spends so much time with them.  He’s a meat and potatoe man, a dedicated family man, and utilizes each minute of daylight.  He knows the Lord and obeys His commands.  He honors Him with thanksgiving and praises Him for his blessings.  A cowboy is slow to anger and rarely complains.  He makes the most of every opportunity and setback and can roll with the punches.
A real cowboy is few and far between and those that know him are honored to be acquainted with him.

Here’s to the cowboys out there, young or old.

Kudos to all the real men.