About You

C3 Photography believes that each individual is unique and therefore strives to capture the true character in each subject.  You can expect a relaxed, no-stress environment on the day of your shoot.  Quality photos are guaranteed through traditional poses and “real” moments

  • Solid color clothing, with little to (preferably) no designs work best.  Remember, we want you to be the focus.  Keep the style simple.  If you prefer to accent the outfit, choose fresh, modern pieces but nothing that will take away from your face. 
  • If you want fresh color portraits, choose bright modern colors.  Stay away from primary colors or extreme pastels. If you prefer classic black and white photos, choose neutral colors (black, white, ivory, khaki, tan, denim).
  • If you want to portray a softer look, choose pastels and whites and free-flowy fabrics and hair
  • Ensure nails are clean and (if desired) polished.  Don’t forget to shave.  Wear makeup that is light and refreshing.
  • Wear clothing that you will be comfortable in sitting or laying down.

Be well rested and relaxed.  This will be fun!